Current projects

  • Falling-sand game (work in progress) – cellular automata based game inspired by Noita. See my twitter for the preview. Implemented features:
    • basic particles (water, sand, static);
    • parallel updates of the world;
    • injecting particles into the world using paint like tool;
    • converting png images into the world structs;
    • simple rigid body objects.

Old projects

  1. Majoranapp – program for efficient identification of Majorana zero modes in non-intercting tight-binding systems (see Docs).
  2. SOLIDstate – C++ library for studying quantum systems (Exact Diagonalisation, Quantum Dynamics, and more…). Visit project website, browse the API or join the project on Github.
  3. MultiLangCV – multi-language LaTeX CV template.
  4. ploTeX – python3 parser, which converts gnuplot script into pdf file via pdfLaTeX.
  5. Game of life – a simple javascript implementation.
  6. DiceAndChaos – studying chaos of the rolling dice using game physics.